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I'm currently doing a project called "One Word a Week", where I each week pick a random word, and then have to create an image based of it. On this blog, you can see the behind the scenes of the images. This is a one-way communication page for my personal documentation, without comments, but I'll post the final images on Instagram - so make sure to comment there.

To see the result of the project, please go to:

Week 01 - Word: Ambient - BTS


This is the first post made on this site - and this Behind The Scenes section will be a documentation of my process. It'll contain notes and ideas, moodboards and inspiration, and general thoughts on the specific words I'm working on.

First things first... Google and find out what others are doing on the topic - and see if it aligns with what you're thinking.

This was not the images I got into my head when I read "ambient" in the word generator. I was thinking more warm light, flowing in from a window. When I hear "ambient", I automatically think ambient light, which for me somehow includes a lot of either long shadows or foggy/dim light, like in the Google search, but a bit different. It made me think of HBO's "The Handmaid's Tale", which has the most gorgeous lighting throughout.

I'm thinking of using lace or objects with patterns and casting shadows on a plain background, with saturated colors and simple composition. I'm also thinking of incorporating flowers of some sort, perhaps a peony.